Every day, we strive to engineer better medicines

At Innocoll, we are transforming today’s medicines through precision engineering.

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Every day, we seek to make patient care better

At Innocoll, our proprietary collagen products are designed to provide a range of benefits.

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Every day, we are dedicated to make better happen

At Innocoll, we are driven to create better ways for patients to recover from surgeries, better ways to treat limb-threatening infections.

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there was a better way to target medicines precisely where they are needed? At Innocoll, our continuous commitment to improving patient lives drives our need to achieve, to improve the status quo, and to find answers to unmet needs. Our innovative technologies, products, and leadership enable us to continually work toward making better happen.

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Precision engineering

Our proprietary, collagen-based technologies are designed to deliver safe and effective solutions to help improve patients’ lives.

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Why choose Us?

Better medicines

Innocoll has a broad range of treatment options, currently all based on our proprietary collagen-matrix technology.

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Why choose Us?

Inside Innocoll

Through a seasoned leadership team, a global focus, and an abiding passion for the patient, we are dedicated to engineering better medicines to transform today’s treatment approaches.

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