physicians could use higher doses of medicines with potentially less worry of systemic side effects? Or if a medicine’s efficacy could be prolonged? At Innocoll, these questions help drive us to engineer our collagen-matrix technologies to deliver better solutions.

At Innocoll, every day, we are striving to make medicines work better.

Our collagen-matrix technologies are engineered with a focus on delivering better patient outcomes. We’re helping to transform today’s medicines with innovative technology and we are striving to deliver a healthier tomorrow.

Our collagen matrix approach is designed to:

  • Control drug elution rates and resorption time by adjusting physical properties such as thickness, pliability, and tensile strength
  • Readily conform to target site following application
  • Allow for manipulation for surgical implantation


The COLLARX® technology produces a lyophilized porous matrix of purified collagen that can be implanted at the time of surgery.

The COLLARX matrices are biodegradeable and bioresorbable. The in vivo release of drugs incorporated into the COLLARX matrix takes place via a combination of dissolution, diffusion and the interactive characteristics of the active drug and the formulation that can be modified to affect controlled release.

The COLLARX matrix forms the basis of our lead pipeline product XARACOLL, a bupivacaine HCl collagen-matrix implant.


The COLLAFILM® technology produces a thin translucent or transparent membrane of purified COLLAGEN approximately 50 microns in thickness that can be implanted at the time of surgery.

The technology is the basis of Innocoll’s bioresorbable collagen film surgical adhesion barrier that is currently approved in multiple countries across Europe, Asia, and various emerging markets.

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